Influencer Spotlight: Ted Crockett and the Nashville Film Festival



Influencer Spotlight: Ted Crockett and the Nashville Film Festival

By Courtenay Rogers

Like quite a few folks in Nashville, Ted Crockett came here for the music business. “I was selling stuff door to door in Florida in 1998 and decided I was going to follow my dreams of being in music in Music City. I played around town in all kinds of gigs and ended up working in the industry doing business management.”


Ted had no idea that Nashville even had a film festival but he was introduced to them through one of his co-workers and started volunteering for events for a couple of years and in 2004 started working in the Nashville Film Festival box office as a contractor. “We worked with a local company called Agile Ticketing in Nashville to build a one-of-a-kind ticketing system that we still use to this day.”

In 2011, Ted was hired full time as the Executive Director for the Nashville Film Festival and he’s basically worked through all of the positions except for the artistic side, which he leaves to Brian Owens, the Artistic Director. “My main role is to be the person between our board of directors and the relationships that keep us going. I want the vision of the board to be realized very specifically through partnerships.”

“This is my 11th festival and the 45th overall and I’m very happy to announce a record breaking submission of over 3100 films from 25 countries. We will have over 500 volunteers to make this a successful event and we work closely with Hands on Nashville to get many of those folks. This was also the first year the festival offered a script writing contest and we received almost 1500 applicants.”

You may notice that this year’s festival has spread into downtown, very specifically the Walk of Fame park. This is the first year that films will be shown outside of the Regal Green Hills cinema and they are offering all kinds of free fun for adults and children alike. “We’ve got two audiences: those who want to keep up with the independent films and those who live here or are visiting Nashville. Those who want to see the new films and interact with the filmmakers will be in Green Hills like they are every year. The others who live here or who may be visiting our city will be able to attend free blockbuster movies, happy hours and family friendly events. We see this as a way of giving back to our community, especially those who may not have a large budget for entertainment.” See the free downtown movie schedule here.


The 45th Annual Nashville Film Festival runs April 17-26 and has over 230 films running at both the Regal Cinema in Green Hills and downtown. The entire 9 days are packed with not just amazing films, but events for people of all ages and range of film knowledge. “One of the coolest parts about this year is that we are going to show all of the winning films again on the 26th, after the closing awards ceremony on the 25th so it’s like reliving the entire week one last time!”

The Nashville Film Festival is still looking for volunteers and you can apply here if you are interested. Take a moment to see all of the amazing events happening this week and next and follow them on Twitter,  Facebook and Vimeo.

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